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Night Pad - Natural Organic

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Starter Kit - Natural Organic


SheCup is a healthy, high quality, Indian made menstrual cup of 100% medical grade silicone.

It is an environmentally and financially sustainable way to manage your menstruation.

You’ll receive your SheCup in a carry pouch, along with a packet of wipes and an instruction manual. The SheCup is made by a partner company in Mumbai, India.

* With every SheCup you purchase, you contribute 1 cloth pad for a girl in India through our Pad for Pad Programme. Want to gift more? Click here to have a look, or choose to add PFP contributions when you check out your shopping cart.

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  • Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone in light pink colour.
  • SheCup comes in one standard size: Length with knob is 59.5mm, length without knob is 54mm, diameter (rim, external across the top) is 44mm.
  • Fluid holding capacity is 16 ml up to the air holes, and 28 ml up to the rim.
  • It is a soft material and the average size of menstrual cups and suitable for young girls as well as women who have delivered children.
  • To find answers on your most pressing questions on menstrual cups, we love this site: click

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