Eco Bébé  Sumo Style belt

Eco Bébé Sumo Style belt

Cotton Storage Pouch

Cotton Storage Pouch

Eco Bébé Nappy Cover

Our Nappy Cover is made from organic cotton (outer layer) laminated with Polyurethane laminate (PUL) for leak-proofing.

This cover is  a '1 size fits all' and is  suitable to use from baby to toddler.

It has many buttons to adjust it to your baby's size and growth; the top row snap buttons are to adjust the waist size, while the 9 bottom buttons are to shorten its length.

The nappy cover can be used with both the Good Ol' Faithful nappy and the Fold 'n Fit nappy inserts.


Please note that our cover is made of laminated organic cotton - this is a conscious decision. Most nappy covers are made from laminated polyester, which feel softer and have more flexibility. However, we felt that the environmental benefit of avoiding polyester was so important that we had to take it.

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