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MYO Stitching Kit - Vibrant

3 stitching sets per pack

The “Make Your Own” Washable Cloth Pad - Kit contains everything you need to stitch 3 pads.

The kit is great for workshop sessions, creative gifts, and DIY addicts!

Includes: precut materials for 3 Day Pad Plus, complete sewing kit, stitching & care instructions, and a menstrual cycle tracking chart.

Watch the Stitching Instruction Video Here

* Fabric colours and prints may differ from what is shown in the image.


* Do you want to make a social contribution with your order, and gift a cloth pad to a girl in rural India? Click here to have a look, or choose to add a Pad for Pad Contribution when you check out your shopping cart.



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  • Material to stitch 3 pads
  • Top layer: organic cotton flannel in pink or purple colour. Colour dyes are certified organic
  • Inner layers: 6 layers cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour
  • Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL in flower pattern. This layer is not certified organic. Therefore this product is not GOTS certified.
  • Close with one nickel-free metal push button
  • 26.5cm length x 7cm width when closed
  • Please see our instructional video showing how to stitch the pads step-by-step, following the stitching instructions.

Product life: The PUL will last aprox. 75 - 100 washes, or 3 -5 years, depending on how frequently a pad is used and how well it is cared for.

The product comes with a care leaflet. Click to learn 'How to wash wash my cloth pad?' and view our FAQ for more use and care tips.

*This item only ships to India. For other shipping places, switch to our product page for worldwide shipping: MYO - Vibrant

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