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Cuterus - Teaching Aid


Eco Bébé Fold 'n' Fit Nappy Inserts - Day (3 Per Pack)

Eco Bébé Good Ol' Faithful Nappy Squares (3 per pack)

The traditional practice of folding cloth nappies is an oldie but a goodie!  Cloth squares are a great, flexible cloth nappy option to suit babies over different ages in a variety of ways - from origami folds or even as an insert with reusable nappy covers.

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, these cloth squares are unbleached and undyed and has honey comb weave. This weave means our nappies have a higher grams of cotton per square meter for greater absorption. They come in 2 sizes.

  • Small (0-6 months), 60 x 60cm

  • Large (3+ months), 70 x 70cm


To learn how to use the nappy squares, watch the video here

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