When Girls Grow Up (Special Edition)

When Girls Grow Up (Special Edition)


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Our Cute Uterus, fondly known as a "Cuterus", is a soft, hand crocheted model of the uterus. It is a life size, 3 dimensional representative model that features the Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries Uterus, and 3 drops of "blood".

It is easy for girls to relate to and an effective, non threatening way to help explain the female reproductive system and illustrate the way menstruation works. We use the cuterus in menstrual health education sessions - girls love the texture and softness of the cuterus - handling the cuterus and placing it over their lower body helps them feel less shy and more curious about what is happening on the inside.

Recommended to anyone who is working as a menstrual health educator as part of your kit of teaching aids. It is packed and stored in a drawstring cloth pouch.

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