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Eco Femme is seeking your support to gift menstrual education and cloth pads to girls in India from low income backgrounds.

You could gift either Rs. 105/ 1.2€ or Rs. 550/6.5€.

With Every donation you offer a safe and resuable period soluntion to girls in India for the next 3-5 years.

Our international sales which normally sustain this program have fallen short of target this year - Covid has hit us hard. For the first time since launching the programme in 2012, it has become necessary for us to actively fund-raisein order to fulfill our commitment to reach this year's target of 15,000 girls. 

This year, we have distributed 9000 cloth pad kits and we have 6000 to go to reach 15,000 girls before the end of this financial year. So we are reaching out to you, knowing you care, to help us fill the funding gapWill you help?

*By chooing this, you contribute to ourr social work, you will not receive a product*






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Pad For Pad is a programme to support menstrual education for adolescent girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India.

Your contribution will support us in offering free sessions and washable cloth pads to girls in government schools and rural communities.

The Pad For Pad education sessions are designed to give girls the skills to manage their periods healthily and with dignity and ensure a positive menstrual culture. The sessions also provide a chance for reciprocal sharing about menstrual practices and experiences. The girls receive a pack of 4 donated Day Pad Plus, a little storage pouch and an information booklet in their language.

*In case you are choosing to make a contribution to our Pad For Pad programme without also choosing products for yourself, you can go ahead to make the transfer through our payment gateway. If it asks you to enter a "shipping address", please simply enter the "billing address".

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