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This is a handmade "Cloth-Pad-Soap", developed by MGEcoduties-Auroville, to specifically match the needs of cleaning washable cloth pads.

This soap offers a combination of cleansing and skin loving ingredients with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in composition with eco-friendly stain removers sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Find more information in the product details.

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Just like our cloth pads, this soap was designed with care for your health and the environment. Learn more about responsible soap choice in our blog article series: How to wash my cloth pad?


  • saponified edible organic coconut oil
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • white vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • probiotics
  • purified and structured water

MGEcoduties product: (Meet their team in this video)

  • 100% natural, made with organic ingredients
  • handmade, cold pressed, naturally hardened
  • vegan - no animal derivative product, nor associated with animal curelty
  • free from palm oil
  • free from parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sodium laureth sulphate
  • free from synthetic fragrances, colours, additives, stabilizers, preservatives
  • weight: 90 grams

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